Start Seeing Diversity: Creating Art

Creating Art

Throughout the course, I have gained insights on many aspects of diversity.  These “aha” moments have countered learned stereotypes and biases among homosexuality, homelessness, and grief.  I was also able to identify stereotypes in common fairy tales, disney movies, and children’s books.  Understanding these stereotypes will provide opportunities to address them in the classroom.  The final insight was my interaction and communication with certain children in the classroom.  I was able to identify and address personal biases that I have brought into the classroom.


3 thoughts on “Start Seeing Diversity: Creating Art

  1. Thanks for sharing the great art work. I was also enlightened by the classic and contemporary children’s books. I never really gave it a thought how children internalize the messages in books. This is important for early educators to understand. With the growing number of diverse children, educators must learn how to become an anti-bias educator. Teachers should do more to address these issues in the classroom before the child enters society with inaccurate information.


  2. Your art work is very nice and is a very good representation of diversity. I also feel that this class has given me many Ah hah moments as well. Learning about the stereotypes that are in children’s movies and books was one of the highlights of the course for me. I also feel that by learning more about myself and my feelings about stereotypes, I am on the road to becoming a better educator.


  3. Awesome art and nicely displayed. It is about finding ourselves first then and then learning about others so we can understand who they are and who we are too. Diversity is a journey of knowing and exciting to finding out about. And again I really enjoyed the images.


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