Reflecting on Learning


My most passionate hope is that each child and family in my care feels valued, confident, and empowered.  My most passionate hope for the early childhood field is that each teacher is inspired to learn more about anti-bias education and to share that knowledge and passion with other educators.  Personally, I have been so inspired by professors and other educators to continue this journey of anti-bias education.  Eventually, I hope to share this same passion with my students as a professor.

I am thankful for my colleagues who have also inspired me along the way to keep going and to do better.  It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I wish you the best of luck as you continue on this journey of a lifetime!


6 thoughts on “Reflecting on Learning

  1. Marijean, I really like what you say about being inspired. At times during this program, which is coming to an end for me, I have lacked inspiration and passion for my profession. Hearing about other experiences and being part of someone else’s passion has reawakened it in me . Thank you for you help getting me back on the path that I had chosen. It’s important to be inspired by what you do.


  2. Your blog is amazing and inspiring! It is a compilation piece of what we have all learned this term. My prayer for you and all of my colleauges is that children will always remind us of why we do what we do and that is to educate! I wish you the best as you move toward your goal of becoming a professor where you will also impact and inspire adults who have chosen to enter the early childhood field. Marijean the sky is the limit for you!



  3. Amazing Marijean, your artwork is very soothing yet inspirational. Your whole theme says focus on moving forward the flow of the hair and the color etc. seems so influential. I love the dual meaning


  4. I hope that this course will allow you to flutter like a butterfly. it is important for us to allow our learned knowledge to take us places. with that being said I hope you prosper in your future endeavors.


  5. Marijean,

    That image for this post is incredible! It evokes passion and creativity and beauty! I think these are all things that we definitely should bring to the early childhood setting! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your contributions to my learning in the course. Good luck in your future courses!


  6. Marijean,

    I appreciate what you said about self-reflection. How can we become better at communicating if we don’t know what we don’t know? Understanding who we are compared to what others see us as was very interesting to me. I also appreciated those aha moments from not only Dr. Parrish but from our Resources and peers alike. Good luck to you; I have enjoyed interacting with you throughout this course!



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