What I Have Learned

Honestly, one of my biggest hopes is to continue down the path of self-reflection in order to be a better teacher.  I have always been able to look inward and notice my biases, but changing those biases is where the difficulties lye.  I want to be able to use what I have learned through my coursework in order to better myself as an educator.  I believe there is no such thing as a bad child, but I often find myself frustrated or stuck when dealing with a problem behavior.  I think anti-bias curriculum and diversity can help me to see these difficulties differently.  I am able to view each child as a diverse, remarkable human being.


One goal that I would love to set for the early childhood field is better diversity training for all educators.  I know many states do not even require formal education in order to work with children, and I know there are children out there who are not in supportive environments when it comes to emotional development, confidence, and empowerment.  I feel that all children deserve teachers who are well trained and committed to promoting confidence, positive social identities, and family pride.Ukaj_Rama-family


I am truly thankful for my coursework here at Walden and for my colleagues, who have taken this journey with me, provided “aha” moments, and inspired me to do better.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


2 thoughts on “What I Have Learned

  1. Great post!! I feel this work is ongoing, but rewarding in the end. Finding that support person is very important. I recently talked to my support person about the families in the community that we work with, and how difficult it can be at times to accept the families culture. I think we all can make a difference in a child and families life. Learning about diversity helps us to perceive things in a different way, and not always in a negative way. But, when we reflect on why we feel a certain way, we are aware of the issue and have the ability to change it.


  2. Marijean, awesome image and well said. Education is diverse so, I too believe teacher need to be train and better prepare in working with children and their families who come from diverse background. Children develop their identity and attitudes through experiences with their bodies, social environments, and their cognitive developmental stages so we have to be their positive support system to build them up to help become who they are as individuals. Enjoy the wonderful post.


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