Exploring Roles in the ECE Community

The first community of practice that I would love to belong to is the Southern Utah University Education Department. I would love to be a professor there in order to help promoteSUU Birdmark cmyk a more child-based, play-based, and developmentally appropriate education plan for future educators. The reason I decided to run a home-based childcare is to gain perspective on what it is like to run a home childcare.  Up until now, I have only worked as a teacher in childcare centers and the atmosphere is extremely different than home-based childcare.  In centers, I worked with children who were in the same age range, but now I work with children anywhere from six weeks old to nine years old.  I know many of my fellow students in college wanted to open home-based childcares, but there was not any perspective about this from our professors.  I felt that having experiences in both home childcare and center childcare would help me to better inspire future educators.  I need these experiences in order to provide insightful, inspirational lectures to future educators.

The second community of practice I would be interesting in joining is our states Care About Childcare team.  I personally have received so much help from this organization in Quality ChildCare Logo - (R) - feb 2012regards to getting my business started, applying for grants, and getting additional training that I would love to pay it forward to others who are working through the process.  I would like to conduct future trainings for this organization.  In fact, I have already been approached to do this once I have finished my masters.  I think training would be another way for me to inspire future educators.  If I joined this team, I could lobby for parent education trainings as well.  This would help achieve my Capstone Project challenge of educating parents and teachers on the importance of Developmentally Appropriate Practice and empowering children.  Again, the most important aspect of fulfilling this role will be gaining additional personal and professional experiences that will help expand upon concepts and provide exceptional trainings.

The final community of practice that I would be interesting in becoming a board member of the Logo-Circle2Utah Professional Family Child Care Association (PFCCA).  This role will allow me to advocate for changes within family childcare. As a board member, I will also assist in deciding on speakers and motivators for the PFCCA Conferences.  In order to competently fill this role, I would need to gain more confidence in speaking up about my passions and dedicating adequate time to my role as a board member.



3 thoughts on “Exploring Roles in the ECE Community

  1. Marijean,
    Childcare has inspired me as well! I have always had a passion for working with children, and being able to work in a childcare center with school-aged children would further enhance my desire to teach in a school district. I plan to teach kindergarten once I finish my degree and get my license. I recently interviewed for an assistant Pre-K teacher position at a local childcare center, and got to sit in on the class – it was a lot of fun, and I hope I get the job! 🙂

    I think teachers can never be too prepared to work with children, because teaching young children is more work than some may think – Even I thought it was going to be easy at one point, lol! That being said, we must never assume that teaching any age group is going to be easy, because teaching, like any other career, is work!


  2. Marijean,
    It was certainly interesting to learn about your areas of interest in the Community. These potential communities of practice will indeed expand your scope as an early childhood professional. Early educators can recognize communities of practice as a legitimate approach to professional development (Helm, 2007). You seem to be experience oriented and this is an important asset in gaining the relevant exposure to instruct others. I certainly wish you continued success as you strive to motivate and inspire other educators.
    Helm, J. (2007). Building communities of practice. YC: Young Children, 62(4), 12-16.


  3. Marijean,
    I also chose my local state college here in Orlando. As it is also my goal to share my passion for early childhood and get students ready to enter the field. It is so exciting to hear that you may already have an opportunity to do training through Care About Childcare. We are so close to reaching our goals. I wish you the very best. I also think that getting involved with local agencies is going to be important for our development and desire to advocate for children and families. It sounds like you will be on the right track pursuing a board position in PFCCA.


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