Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

Three national/federal organizations that appealed to me are National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Zero to Three, and National Parenting Education Network (NPEN).  I love NAEYC because they promote high-quality early learning for all young children.  They provide valuable insight on early childhood practice, policy, and research.  These insights are extremely beneficial to early childhood educators who want to help young children reach optimal development.  The NAEYC is also important because they helped publish Developmentally Appropriate Practice for young children, which allows educators to teach children based on where they are at developmentally.  I chose Zero to Three because they do the most work, as far as early childhood organizations, in providing educational resources for parents regarding their young children.  This website also provides educational resources on nurturing early development.  The final organization that I just found this week and am so excited about is the National Parenting Education Network.  This organization provides parent education resources that are broken down by what each state offers.  Parents can simply log onto the NPEN website, choose their state, and learn about where they can go in their state for further education regarding children and parenting.


The first job opportunity that I found was Professional Learning Coordinator for the NAEYC.  The job qualifications are a degree in ECE, have worked in the ECE field for three years as a lead teacher, have expertise in DAP from birth thru eight, have knowledge about trends and current research in the ECE field, and have excellent oral and written communication skills.  The one qualification that I would need to review more is current trends and research in the ECE field.  I do not currently read many articles because school takes up most of my extra time, but eventually I would like to go back and re-read the basics of ECE development, the DAP framework, and continue my learning on current trends and research in the field.  I feel that there is so much I have learned over the past seven year, it will be beneficial to go back and study it all again to make the knowledge clearer and more distinct.

The second job opportunity that I found was Regional Field Specialist for the Zero to Three Organization.  This job seems amazing, because I liked teaching and training adults in early childhood education; however, the qualifications for this job are much more complex.  You need a Master’s Degree in ECE, 7 years experience in the field, 2 years experience as a project coordinator, strong interpersonal skills, strong knowledge of EC development birth through age five, and strong knowledge of the Head Start Program.  This job requires many avenues of fine tuning skills and gaining more experience before applying.


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